Gentle Beginners for the Lush and Wise

Gentle Beginners for the Lush and Wise


Embrace your body! This class is for the curvy person, elder person, or those recovering from an injury. See the full class description below the “add to cart” button!

With Mackenzie

Session Cost is $145 with $80 deposit due at registration. (Add the remainder item to your cart at registration to pay the full amount upfront!).

Sundays at 12 pm, May 12 - June 16, 2019

Registration deadline is May 5, 2019

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We believe that aerial dance is for every body. We also know that when you are curvy, later in years, recovering from an injury, or very new to exercise, joining a class with your neighborhood yogi or a dance class protege can be really intimidating and demoralizing.

We want to make aerial arts fun and accessible for you! Taught on a combination of sling and silks, this class will offer beginning skills at a gentle pace, and will focus on building strength, grace, and stability while celebrating our bodies in a safe environment with people who get you. Classes will be modified to work with individual student needs, strengths, and artistry with adaptive and inclusive teaching techniques.

Class limitations: (if you don’t meet any of these, please take our regular Beginner 1 class!)

One or more of the following must apply to you
BMI of 25+
Age of 55+
Years on the sofa 5+
Days recovering from a mobility injury or with a medical condition 30+