Rigging and Rescue Basics for Aerial Silks

Rigging and Rescue Basics for Aerial Silks


Sundays, January 27, and February 3 and 10, 2019.
4:30 - 6 pm

This 3 week workshop series will cover rigging and safety topics to help prepare students for eventual independent practice. Open to students at level 3 or above, or with referral from other area instructors.

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Topics covered will include:

Ladder use and safety
Forces generated in various types of aerial practice
Selecting, using, and inspecting carabiners, swivels, and rescue 8s
Use and inspection of round slings
Methods of attaching silks to hardware
Using webbing and tying water knots
Discussion of pulley use (academic; at this time a pulley rig is not available for use)
Practicing getting untangled - on your own and helping someone else
Practicing ladder rescues
Discussion of pulley rescues
Discussion of other rescue methods
Mat selection and safety
Fall profiles
Risk Assessment