Sampler Party

Sampler Party

from 20.50

If you have scheduled a private sampler party with us, please use this item to pay! The group can pay all at once, or individuals can pay for themselves.

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If you have scheduled a party with Mackenzie and/or Stephanie you are in the right place!

$21 per person per hour, Ages 16 and up, with a maximum of six participants with one instructor.

$26 per person per hour, Ages 16 and up, maximum of twelve participants with two instructors.

A reminder that No alcohol is permitted at Madison Circus Space, and any consumption of alcohol or other intoxicating substances will prohibit participation in your party sampler except watching and being jealous.

If you'd like your sampler class to be specially focused on your group - dancers, polers, climbers, gymnasts, people with mobility restrictions, or other groups with non-average physical needs - please let us know and we will adapt the skills just for you!