Aerialists of Steel - Conditioning for Lyra

Aerialists of Steel - Conditioning for Lyra


This conditioning class is specifically for aerialists who want to improve their strength, flexibility, mobility, and fluidity of movement on lyra. We will be working on and off the lyra in classes, alternating conditioning exercises with drills to help you refine your lyra technique and aesthetics. Emphasis will be on developing and honing body awareness as a habit that’s as automatic as breathing!

Prerequisite is a minimum of one 4-6 week session of lyra classes or private lessons.

No new skills will be taught in this class. Instead, we will be working on nailing the skills that you already know and on making fundamental lyra skills/shapes/drills SUPER solid so that you can rock everything that builds on them. This class will also work on cleaning up your movement techniques so that you can go from simply being able to do [insert cool trick here], to being able to do said trick with the precision and artistry of a seasoned performer.

September session meets on Wednesdays at 6:30PM, 9/4/19 - 9/25/19

Classes are held at the Madison Circus Space, which is located at 84 N Bryan St., Madison, WI.

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