Aerial Conditioning Classes

Aerial Conditioning Classes


If you’ve ever been on the aerial struggle bus and have asked yourself “HOW do other aerialists make this all look so effortless and graceful?”, the answer is: CONDITIONING. More specifically, efficient conditioning done consistently, with plenty of rest and recovery built in to a well thought out plan.

with Laura of Delta Phoenix Fitness

Current Class Schedule

Mixed Levels: Sundays at 11am, September 8 - September 29, 2019

Open to students at a variety of skill levels. Students should bring their own yoga mat to class.

Private coaching: Available on an individually scheduled basis for one to three students. To inquire about private coaching, please contact Laura at

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Whether you’re a baby aerialist or you’ve been flying for years, having a solid conditioning game is your key to foundational skill development, leveling up to more advanced skills, developing beautiful lines and effortless movements, and injury prevention. If you’ve been wondering what in the world you’re supposed be doing or focusing on, and you feel like you’re Kermit-flailing trying every random shiny exercise posted on Instagram, this class is for you!

This class covers a variety of strength, flexibility, mobility, and motor control concepts, all accompanied by exercises specific to improving in those areas, especially as they are applied in aerial and circus arts. You will be doing exercises to improve circus-specific skills (and to help you achieve your first [insert skill here]), and learning the anatomy/structure/functional principles to help you fully understand WHY the exercises we’re doing are important and HOW they help you reach your goals.

We will be using a variety of tools, props, and small exercise equipment - all will be provided EXCEPT yoga mats, so please bring your own mat to class. During some classes, I will hang either a lyra or a sling for some in-air conditioning fun.

This class will help you achieve ease of movement in your aerial practice by:

  • Improving your mobility and range of motion

  • Increasing full-body strength, with special focus on the core, upper body, & hips/glutes/thighs

  • Increasing stamina, flexibility, and muscular control and coordination

  • Improving grip strength

  • Developing the strength necessary to hold double (and single for more advanced students) knee hangs without assistance

And, if any of the following things have been on your wish list, this class will also help you with:

  • Clean inversions both from the ground and in the air, with the minimum effective dose of effort

  • Improving your lines in the air

  • Consistent pullovers and straddle inversions without jumping

  • Pull ups (unassisted)

  • Stop “cheating” your way through skills because of muscular compensations due to incorrect movement patterns

  • Gain confidence in your amazing and unique abilities!

  • And other cool stuff

Choose Your Level:

Foundations of Aerial Conditioning is for students who:

  • Are not yet able to invert from the ground (including to hook a foot on a trapeze or lyra) OR not yet able to CONSISTENTLY invert from the ground

  • Have less than 3 months of aerial/circus experience

  • Students who need to build foundational strength to safely begin working towards the foundational skill of clean inversions (from the ground or the air), and to safely/efficiently move their bodies through the air

Aerial Conditioning, Level 1 is for students who:

  • Are able to invert from the ground or in the air with bent arms/legs, or bent arms/straight legs

  • Have 3+ months of aerial experience

  • Students working towards building strength, flexibility, and stability for more advanced skills like meathooks, full skin-the-cat with straight legs, single knee hangs, straddle-ups, splits, one-arm hangs, etc.

Aerial Conditioning for Mixed Levels is for students at any level.