New Student Survey

The following questionnaire contains questions that will help us be ready for you as a student, and will help us match the students who will be the best fit for each other in classes.

Name *
Phone *
Please let us know which class you're taking
Please choose the option that describes you best. Feel free to describe your specific situation in the message box below.
Can you do a pull-up?
Your pre-existing upper body strength can determine the class pace. Let us know where you are with a full-body weight pull-up from a dead hang.
Can you touch your toes?
Injury/Physical Limits *
Do you have any physical limitations or past injuries that might affect your mobility or strength now - shoulder or back injuries, blood pressure issues, asthma, inner ear issues, knee problems, etc.
Please give us a description of your injuries or potential strength/mobility challenges
Please enter the name of your insurance carrier, or "none"
It is extremely unlikely for you to suffer injury, but in the case of an event, please tell us which local clinic/hospital you prefer
Please include the name of at least one emergency contact
Please explain further about any previous questions, and let us know anything else about you that you think would be helpful for us to know (I used to be a cheerleader, I'm terrified of heights, I bruise easily, I faint sometimes, I'm worried about x, y, or z, etc.)