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Hire Aerial Performers for Your Event!

    Swing State Aerial's Upcoming Shows, Workshops, and Events

Image by SpaceBound Photography and Digital Arts


Bring Swing State Aerial to your event, or come to ours!

Swing State Aerial performs regularly with the Madison Circus Space, in shows like the Skeleton Circus, MCS Gala, the MishMash show, and Circus After Dark. Our circus burlesque branch, Luna Lucina Productions, also frequently books gigs with area events. 

We are available for performances in indoor spaces with access to ceiling trusses that have a minimum clearance of 9 feet (though you get a much more exciting performance at 12 feet and higher!), or spaces that can accommodate our aerial rig - a minimum ceiling height of 14' and open floor of 20' square.  For outdoor spaces, we can bring a portable rig that requires a footprint of 24' x 24' of relatively flat ground.  If you are interested in an aerial performance, we will work with a rigger to determine what would work best in your space.

If rigging in your event space isn't feasible, we can help you arrange for other circus-arts entertainment, including acro-yoga, hoop dance,  sideshow acts, jugglers, magicians, pole and burlesque performers, and more.

Please email us for more information!