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Private Lessons/Group Parties

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Aerial Silks

Aerial Silks Private Lessons or Private Group Classes

Private and Small Group Classes at any level from just beginning to intermediate with Mackenzie, Stephanie, or Isis.

Have you been curious about aerial silks but classes don’t meet your schedule, fill up too fast, or don't move at the right pace? You can still get the silks experience on your own time, with careful instructor supervision, and tailored to your needs!  Sign up for your own private lesson or series, or gather one or two friends and come  experience this fun and challenging art!

Class rates, availability, and age limitations vary by instructor, please submit the form below to inquire about private lessons!


Use this form to register for Aerial Silks Private Lesson inquiries only

Name *
Let us know about your experience
Please let us know your preferred days/times for lessons (e.g., Tuesdays after 5 pm, Saturday mornings, etc)
If you have any additional questions or info please list it here!

Aerial Sling

Aerial Sling Private Lessons with Stephanie and others

These lessons, built on a foundation of safety, will introduce fundamental skills, wraps, and inversions. Expect an incredible amount of fun and amazement at new skills! This class is appropriate for people new to aerial arts.

Payment varies by instructor. Please inquire by submitting the form below. Class size is limited to three participants per instructor.

Submit this form to inquire about private lessons in Aerial Sling

Name *
Please let us know your preferred days/times for lessons (e.g., Thursdays after 7 pm, etc)
If you have any other questions or information, please let us know.

Private Sampler Classes/Parties

Aerial Sampler Party/Group Class

Sampler parties or classes can be scheduled for groups with a minimum of 4/maximum of 12 participants by appointment with Mackenzie, Luella, and/or Stephanie. (We do not accept registration of individuals for these samplers, please contact us ready with a group!)

$21 per person per hour, Ages 16 and up, with a maximum of six participants with one instructor.

$26 per person per hour, Ages 16 and up, maximum of twelve participants with two instructors.

Please email us for a quote if you are looking for a youth or teen party experience.

Looking for a unique, fun activity for a birthday, bachelorette, or corporate team building (or just because)? Want to try aerial arts but not sure it's right for you? Schedule a sampler class with your friends and find out! This one-time class in either silks or sling will cover basic skills and some badass picture-worthy poses, and fun flying that almost anyone can do.

(Note: No alcohol is permitted at Madison Circus Space, and any consumption of alcohol or other intoxicating substances will prohibit participation in your party sampler except watching and being jealous.)

Sampler classes are also available for dancers, polers, climbers, gymnasts, people with mobility restrictions, or other groups with non-average physical needs - the skills offered can be custom-tailored to any group!

Submit your inquiry, including the dates/times you are available, in the sampler class registration form below. Once availability is confirmed, prepayment is required to finalize your reservation.

Sampler class inquiry form

Group Contact Person Name *
Group Contact Person Name
Please let us know what dates you have in mind.
Groups up to 6 usually have one instructor, groups over 6 require two instructors.
Tell us what you'd like to try out in your party!
Please list the name and email address of all known attendees. If an attendee is under 18, please include their parent/guardian name and email as well.
If you have additional questions/or info, please let us know.

Kids/Youth Private Lessons

Swing State Aerial is developing additional child and youth programming for students ages 7 to 15. Please check back as we add new classes!

Kids' Sling with Stephanie

Kids absolutely love the sling! A supportive variation of aerial silks, the sling offers challenging poses and coordination-and-strength building skills, AND fun cocoon and swinging moments! This class will be appropriate for beginner aerialists ages 7 and up! Rates vary depending on the ages and number of young aerialists. 

Teens Silks Private Lessons with Mackenzie

Lessons are open to (pre)teens ages 12-16. Lessons can be tailored to any level - from advanced students to teens who have never done aerial arts or any kind of movement art before!

Has your teen seen circus shows and dreamed about trying it? Do they want to take their dance, gymnastics, rock climbing, or physics practice a step further?  Have they been frustrated to find there are not that many options for weekly classes in our area? We are excited to help!

Lessons focus on agility and confidence in foundation moves, using proper technique, alignment, muscle engagement, and of course grace!  Careful attention is given to each student's individual needs, strengths, and artistry with customized lessons and direction.

$50 per child per lesson.  6-lesson punch cards can be purchased for $270.

Kids' Private Lessons with Stephanie or Mackenzie

Kids' circus classes can be hard to find, and to work into a busy activity schedule! We can offer a variety of private lessons for kids and teens 7 to 15 (and up!), with 1 to 3 participants per class. Rates and availability vary depending on instructor and age and experience of the child, so please message us using the form below for details. 


Please use the form below to inquire about kids and youth lessons. 

Name *
Ages *
Please tell us the ages of the youth who are interested in classes
Please choose the best fit for your child's movement background
What are your preferred days/times for lessons?
Please give us more information about your child/youth and the class you are inquiring about.

Dance Trapeze

Dance Trapeze Private Lessons with Isis or Mackenzie

Swing State Aerial will begin teaching dance trapeze lessons in fall of 2018. Initially lessons will be limited to 3 participants per lesson, so find a friend and inquire about availability! 


Please use this form to inquire about dance trapeze

Name *
Please let us know your availability, and any questions you have.