Welcome to the Swing State Store!

Swing State is hitting our two-year anniversary! In that time we’ve gone from 6 students to over 60. Whew! It’s been a really fun, wild ride!

It also means that our administrative work has increased 10+-fold. We’ve recently discovered that trying to handle registrations via a two-step process of a form and then a separate payment process is too unwieldy when you have this many students. For those of you that bore with us during this last session’s unsmooth registration, thank you!

To solve most of this problem, we created a store!! You can now register and pay for your classes directly on our website, even open-level practice and single drop-in classes for the upper-level students. Returning students can also use the store to register even while paying with a check.

This change has caused our prices to increase just slightly to offset our new processing costs, but hopefully the new easier process makes it worth it for everyone!