New session for beginner silks starts January 29!

A new introductory 6-week small-group session for beginning silks will start on January 29, 2017. Classes will meet on Sundays from 1-2 pm running through March 5, 2017. 

This class series will address fundamental silks skills of climbing, locks, and balances. You don't need to be strong or fit to start!  Small-group classes will move at the pace of the students and focus on developing technique and strength as we go. (But you will get a picture of yourself looking badass during every class if you want one!)

Email us or fill out our registration form to sign up - space is limited to 6 students at maximum, so don't wait!

We can't wait to fly with you!

Swing State Aerial student Courtney during class #5

Swing State Aerial student Courtney during class #5